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Airline «Air North»
IATA Code: 4N
Country: Canada
Hub Airports: Vancouver International, Whitehorse Erik Nielsen International
Founded: 1977
Fleet: ATR 42, Boeing 737-200, Boeing 737-400, Boeing 737-500
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 800 661 04 07
Headquarters: 150 Condor Road Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 0M7, Canada
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PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Dawson CityInuvikFind tickets
2Dawson CityOld CrowFind tickets
3Dawson CityWhitehorseFind tickets
4EdmontonWhitehorseFind tickets
5EdmontonCalgaryFind tickets
6InuvikDawson CityFind tickets
7InuvikOld CrowFind tickets
8InuvikWhitehorseFind tickets
9KamloopsVancouverFind tickets
10KamloopsWhitehorseFind tickets
11KelownaVancouverFind tickets
12KelownaWhitehorseFind tickets
13Old CrowDawson CityFind tickets
14Old CrowInuvikFind tickets
15Old CrowWhitehorseFind tickets
16OttawaWhitehorseFind tickets
17OttawaYellowknifeFind tickets
18VancouverKamloopsFind tickets
19VancouverKelownaFind tickets
20VancouverWhitehorseFind tickets
21VancouverVictoriaFind tickets
22VancouverYellowknifeFind tickets
23WinnipegWhitehorseFind tickets
24WhitehorseDawson CityFind tickets
25WhitehorseEdmontonFind tickets
26WhitehorseInuvikFind tickets
27WhitehorseKamloopsFind tickets
28WhitehorseKelownaFind tickets
29WhitehorseOld CrowFind tickets
30WhitehorseOttawaFind tickets
31WhitehorseVancouverFind tickets
32WhitehorseWinnipegFind tickets
33WhitehorseCalgaryFind tickets
34WhitehorseVictoriaFind tickets
35WhitehorseTorontoFind tickets
36WhitehorseYellowknifeFind tickets
37CalgaryEdmontonFind tickets
38CalgaryWhitehorseFind tickets
39VictoriaVancouverFind tickets
40VictoriaWhitehorseFind tickets
41TorontoEdmontonFind tickets
42TorontoWhitehorseFind tickets
43TorontoYellowknifeFind tickets
44YellowknifeOttawaFind tickets
45YellowknifeVancouverFind tickets
46YellowknifeWhitehorseFind tickets
47YellowknifeTorontoFind tickets

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