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Airline «Allegiant Air»
IATA Code: G4
Country: USA
Hub Airports: Las Vegas McCarran International, Los Angeles International, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International
Founded: 1998
Fleet: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Boeing 757-200, McDonnell Douglas MD-80
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 702 851 73 00
Headquarters: Allegiant Air Corporate Office, 8360 South Durango Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89113, USA
The official website of «Allegiant Air»:

Airline\'s popular flights Allegiant Air

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1AllentownOrlandoFind tickets
2AustinLas VegasFind tickets
3AustinSan DiegoFind tickets
4AustinOrlandoFind tickets
5AshevilleNew YorkFind tickets
6AshevilleFort LauderdaleFind tickets
7AshevilleChicagoFind tickets
8AshevilleTampaFind tickets
9AshevilleOrlandoFind tickets
10PhoenixLas VegasFind tickets
11PhoenixChicagoFind tickets
12NashvilleWashingtonFind tickets
13NashvilleTampaFind tickets
14NashvillePittsburghFind tickets
15NashvilleOrlandoFind tickets
16BostonAshevilleFind tickets
17BostonKnoxvilleFind tickets
18BaltimoreAshevilleFind tickets
19CincinnatiNew YorkFind tickets
20CincinnatiFort LauderdaleFind tickets
21CincinnatiLas VegasFind tickets
22CincinnatiLos AngelesFind tickets
23CincinnatiMyrtle BeachFind tickets
24CincinnatiTampaFind tickets
25CincinnatiOrlandoFind tickets
26Des MoinesLas VegasFind tickets
27New YorkAshevilleFind tickets
28New YorkCincinnatiFind tickets
29New YorkKnoxvilleFind tickets
30FresnoLas VegasFind tickets
31Fort LauderdaleAshevilleFind tickets
32Fort LauderdaleCincinnatiFind tickets
33Fort LauderdaleIndianapolisFind tickets
34Fort LauderdaleMemphisFind tickets
35Fort LauderdaleKnoxvilleFind tickets
36Grand RapidsOrlandoFind tickets
37HoustonPhoenixFind tickets
38WashingtonNashvilleFind tickets
39IndianapolisFort LauderdaleFind tickets
40IndianapolisTampaFind tickets
41IndianapolisOrlandoFind tickets
42Las VegasAustinFind tickets
43Las VegasPhoenixFind tickets
44Las VegasCincinnatiFind tickets
45Las VegasFresnoFind tickets
46Las VegasIndianapolisFind tickets
47Las VegasMemphisFind tickets
48Las VegasProvoFind tickets
49Las VegasChicagoFind tickets
50Las VegasSan DiegoFind tickets
51Las VegasStocktonFind tickets
52Las VegasOrlandoFind tickets
53Los AngelesCincinnatiFind tickets
54Los AngelesMemphisFind tickets
55ColumbusOrlandoFind tickets
56MiddletownOrlandoFind tickets
57MemphisFort LauderdaleFind tickets
58MemphisLas VegasFind tickets
59MemphisLos AngelesFind tickets
60MemphisOrlandoFind tickets
61Myrtle BeachCincinnatiFind tickets
62Myrtle BeachNewburghFind tickets
63NorfolkOrlandoFind tickets
64TampaAshevilleFind tickets
65TampaNashvilleFind tickets
66TampaCincinnatiFind tickets
67TampaIndianapolisFind tickets
68TampaChicagoFind tickets
69TampaNewburghFind tickets
70TampaKnoxvilleFind tickets
71PittsburghNashvilleFind tickets
72PittsburghTampaFind tickets
73PittsburghOrlandoFind tickets
74ProvoPhoenixFind tickets
75ProvoLas VegasFind tickets
76ProvoLos AngelesFind tickets
77ChicagoPhoenixFind tickets
78ChicagoLas VegasFind tickets
79ChicagoTampaFind tickets
80ChicagoOrlandoFind tickets
81San DiegoLas VegasFind tickets
82San AntonioLas VegasFind tickets
83StocktonLas VegasFind tickets
84LouisvilleOrlandoFind tickets
85OrlandoAshevilleFind tickets
86OrlandoNashvilleFind tickets
87OrlandoCincinnatiFind tickets
88OrlandoIndianapolisFind tickets
89OrlandoLas VegasFind tickets
90OrlandoMemphisFind tickets
91OrlandoChicagoFind tickets
92OrlandoNewburghFind tickets
93OrlandoKnoxvilleFind tickets
94NewburghMyrtle BeachFind tickets
95NewburghTampaFind tickets
96NewburghOrlandoFind tickets
97KnoxvilleNew YorkFind tickets
98KnoxvilleFort LauderdaleFind tickets
99KnoxvilleTampaFind tickets
100KnoxvilleOrlandoFind tickets

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