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Airline «Bering Air»
IATA Code: 8E
Country: USA
Hub Airports: Unalakleet, Nome, Kotzebue Ralph Wien Memorial
Founded: 1979
Fleet: Beechcraft 1900, Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Caravan, Piper PA-31 Navajo Chieftain
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 907 443 54 64
Headquarters: PO Box 1650, Nome Airport, Nome, Alaska, 99762, USA
The official website of «Bering Air»:

Airline\'s popular flights Bering Air

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1AmblerShungnakFind tickets
2DeeringBucklandFind tickets
3DeeringKotzebueFind tickets
4GambellNomeFind tickets
5GolovinElimFind tickets
6GolovinNomeFind tickets
7KianaKotzebueFind tickets
8KoyukNomeFind tickets
9KoyukUnalakleetFind tickets
10Teller MissionNomeFind tickets
11KivalinaKotzebueFind tickets
12KobukAmblerFind tickets
13KobukKotzebueFind tickets
14NomeElimFind tickets
15NomeGambellFind tickets
16NomeGolovinFind tickets
17NomeKoyukFind tickets
18NomeTeller MissionFind tickets
19NomeKotzebueFind tickets
20NomeShishmarefFind tickets
21NomeSavoongaFind tickets
22NomeUnalakleetFind tickets
23NomeWalesFind tickets
24NomeStebbinsFind tickets
25NomeWhite MountainFind tickets
26NoorvikKianaFind tickets
27NoorvikKotzebueFind tickets
28KotzebueAmblerFind tickets
29KotzebueBucklandFind tickets
30KotzebueDeeringFind tickets
31KotzebueKianaFind tickets
32KotzebueKivalinaFind tickets
33KotzebueNomeFind tickets
34KotzebueNoorvikFind tickets
35KotzebuePoint HopeFind tickets
36KotzebueShungnakFind tickets
37KotzebueSelawikFind tickets
38Point HopeKivalinaFind tickets
39Point HopeKotzebueFind tickets
40ShungnakKobukFind tickets
41ShishmarefNomeFind tickets
42ShishmarefWalesFind tickets
43ShaktoolikKoyukFind tickets
44ShaktoolikNomeFind tickets
45Saint MichaelNomeFind tickets
46Saint MichaelStebbinsFind tickets
47SavoongaGambellFind tickets
48SavoongaNomeFind tickets
49TellerTeller MissionFind tickets
50TellerNomeFind tickets
51UnalakleetKoyukFind tickets
52UnalakleetNomeFind tickets
53UnalakleetShaktoolikFind tickets
54UnalakleetSaint MichaelFind tickets
55UnalakleetStebbinsFind tickets
56WalesTeller MissionFind tickets
57WalesNomeFind tickets
58StebbinsNomeFind tickets
59StebbinsSaint MichaelFind tickets
60StebbinsUnalakleetFind tickets
61SelawikKotzebueFind tickets
62White MountainGolovinFind tickets
63White MountainNomeFind tickets
64NoatakKivalinaFind tickets
65NoatakKotzebueFind tickets

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