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Airline «CanJet»
IATA Code: C6
Country: Canada
Hub Airports:
Founded: 2000
Fleet: Boeing 737-800
Phone: +1 902 873 78 00
Headquarters: PO Box 980, Enfield, Nova Scotia, B2T 1K6, Canada
The official website of «CanJet»:

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1AlmatyTashkentFind tickets
2BukharaTashkentFind tickets
3BukharaMoscowFind tickets
4DohaTashkentFind tickets
5DubaiTashkentFind tickets
6DubaiTashkentFind tickets
7FerganaTashkentFind tickets
8BishkekTashkentFind tickets
9TamchyTashkentFind tickets
10KarshiMoscowFind tickets
11Saint PetersburgUrgenchFind tickets
12MaleTashkentFind tickets
13NovosibirskTashkentFind tickets
14Ras al-KhaimahTashkentFind tickets
15Sharm el SheikhTashkentFind tickets
16TashkentAlmatyFind tickets
17TashkentBukharaFind tickets
18TashkentDohaFind tickets
19TashkentDubaiFind tickets
20TashkentDubaiFind tickets
21TashkentFerganaFind tickets
22TashkentBishkekFind tickets
23TashkentTamchyFind tickets
24TashkentMaleFind tickets
25TashkentNamanganFind tickets
26TashkentNovosibirskFind tickets
27TashkentRas al-KhaimahFind tickets
28TashkentSharm el SheikhFind tickets
29TashkentTbilisiFind tickets
30TashkentTermezFind tickets
31TashkentUrgenchFind tickets
32TbilisiTashkentFind tickets
33TermezTashkentFind tickets
34TermezMoscowFind tickets
35UrgenchSaint PetersburgFind tickets
36UrgenchTashkentFind tickets
37UrgenchMoscowFind tickets
38MoscowBukharaFind tickets
39MoscowTermezFind tickets
40MoscowUrgenchFind tickets

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