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Airline «Cape Air»
IATA Code: 9K
Country: USA
Hub Airports: Hyannis Barnstable Municipal, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall, Boston Logan International
Founded: 1989
Fleet: ATR 42, Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander, Cessna 402
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 508 771 69 44
Headquarters: Bamstable Municipal Airport, 660 Bamstable Road, Hyannis, Massachusetts, 02601, USA
The official website of «Cape Air»:

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PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1NantucketBostonFind tickets
2NantucketNew BedfordFind tickets
3NantucketHyannisFind tickets
4NantucketNew YorkFind tickets
5NantucketMartha's VineyardFind tickets
6AugustaBostonFind tickets
7Bar HarborBostonFind tickets
8BillingsGlendiveFind tickets
9BillingsGlasgowFind tickets
10BillingsHavreFind tickets
11BillingsWolf PointFind tickets
12BillingsSidneyFind tickets
13NashvilleMarionFind tickets
14NashvilleOwensboroFind tickets
15NashvilleSaint LouisFind tickets
16BostonNantucketFind tickets
17BostonAugustaFind tickets
18BostonBar HarborFind tickets
19BostonNew BedfordFind tickets
20BostonHyannisFind tickets
21BostonLebanonFind tickets
22BostonMartha's VineyardFind tickets
23BostonProvincetownFind tickets
24BostonPortlandFind tickets
25BostonRocklandFind tickets
26BostonRutlandFind tickets
27BostonSaranac LakeFind tickets
28BurlingtonChicagoFind tickets
29BurlingtonSaint LouisFind tickets
30CulebraSan JuanFind tickets
31Beef IslandSan JuanFind tickets
32Beef IslandSaint ThomasFind tickets
33Beef IslandVirgin GordaFind tickets
34New BedfordNantucketFind tickets
35New BedfordMartha's VineyardFind tickets
36GlendiveBillingsFind tickets
37GlendiveSidneyFind tickets
38GlasgowBillingsFind tickets
39Westchester CountyLebanonFind tickets
40HavreBillingsFind tickets
41HyannisNantucketFind tickets
42HyannisBostonFind tickets
43HyannisMartha's VineyardFind tickets
44KirksvilleSaint LouisFind tickets
45New YorkNantucketFind tickets
46New YorkMartha's VineyardFind tickets
47New YorkSaranac LakeFind tickets
48LebanonBostonFind tickets
49LebanonWestchester CountyFind tickets
50MayaguezSan JuanFind tickets
51ManisteeChicagoFind tickets
52Martha's VineyardNantucketFind tickets
53Martha's VineyardBostonFind tickets
54Martha's VineyardNew BedfordFind tickets
55Martha's VineyardHyannisFind tickets
56Martha's VineyardNew YorkFind tickets
57MarionNashvilleFind tickets
58MarionSaint LouisFind tickets
59NevisSan JuanFind tickets
60NevisSaint ThomasFind tickets
61Wolf PointBillingsFind tickets
62ChicagoBurlingtonFind tickets
63ChicagoManisteeFind tickets
64ChicagoSaint LouisFind tickets
65ChicagoQuincyFind tickets
66OwensboroNashvilleFind tickets
67OwensboroSaint LouisFind tickets
68ProvincetownBostonFind tickets
69PortlandBostonFind tickets
70RocklandBostonFind tickets
71RutlandBostonFind tickets
72SidneyBillingsFind tickets
73SidneyGlendiveFind tickets
74San JuanCulebraFind tickets
75San JuanBeef IslandFind tickets
76San JuanMayaguezFind tickets
77San JuanNevisFind tickets
78San JuanSaint ThomasFind tickets
79San JuanSaint CroixFind tickets
80San JuanVirgin GordaFind tickets
81San JuanViequesFind tickets
82Saranac LakeBostonFind tickets
83Saranac LakeNew YorkFind tickets
84Saint LouisNashvilleFind tickets
85Saint LouisBurlingtonFind tickets
86Saint LouisKirksvilleFind tickets
87Saint LouisMarionFind tickets
88Saint LouisChicagoFind tickets
89Saint LouisOwensboroFind tickets
90Saint LouisQuincyFind tickets
91Saint ThomasBeef IslandFind tickets
92Saint ThomasNevisFind tickets
93Saint ThomasSan JuanFind tickets
94Saint ThomasSaint CroixFind tickets
95Saint CroixSan JuanFind tickets
96Saint CroixSaint ThomasFind tickets
97QuincyChicagoFind tickets
98QuincySaint LouisFind tickets
99Virgin GordaSan JuanFind tickets
100ViequesSan JuanFind tickets

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