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Airline «Interjet»
IATA Code: 4O
Country: Mexico
Hub Airports: Toluca Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International, Mexico City Benito Juarez International
Founded: 2005
Fleet: Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A321neo, Sukhoi Superjet-100
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +52 998 881 68 36, +1 866 2858 307
Headquarters: Ignacio Longares No 102, Lopez 12 Mexico City 2, Col Paque Industrial, Fliccionamiento 1, Toluca, 50200, Edo de Mexico, Mexico
The official website of «Interjet»:

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56New YorkTorontoFind tickets
57Mexico CityCharlotteFind tickets
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69MiamiDallasFind tickets
70MiamiHoustonFind tickets
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94TorontoCharlotteFind tickets
95TorontoDallasFind tickets
96TorontoWashingtonFind tickets
97TorontoHoustonFind tickets
98TorontoNew YorkFind tickets
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100TorontoChicagoFind tickets

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