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Airline «Interjet»
IATA Code: 4O
Country: Mexico
Hub Airports: Toluca Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International, Mexico City Benito Juarez International
Founded: 2005
Fleet: Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A321neo, Sukhoi Superjet-100
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +52 998 881 68 36, +1 866 2858 307
Headquarters: Ignacio Longares No 102, Lopez 12 Mexico City 2, Col Paque Industrial, Fliccionamiento 1, Toluca, 50200, Edo de Mexico, Mexico
The official website of «Interjet»:

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3Bogota → New YorkFind tickets
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5Charlotte → BaltimoreFind tickets
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7Charlotte → Mexico CityFind tickets
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21Dallas → Mexico CityFind tickets
22Dallas → ChicagoFind tickets
23Dallas → PhiladelphiaFind tickets
24Dallas → Puerto VallartaFind tickets
25Dallas → MontrealFind tickets
26Dallas → VancouverFind tickets
27Dallas → TorontoFind tickets
28New York → CancunFind tickets
29New York → WashingtonFind tickets
30New York → HoustonFind tickets
31New York → Los AngelesFind tickets
32New York → OrlandoFind tickets
33New York → Panama CityFind tickets
34New York → San FranciscoFind tickets
35New York → MontrealFind tickets
36Guadalajara → DallasFind tickets
37Guatemala City → MiamiFind tickets
38Washington → New YorkFind tickets
39Washington → New YorkFind tickets
40Washington → MontrealFind tickets
41Houston → AtlantaFind tickets
42Houston → Leon/GuanajuatoFind tickets
43Houston → CancunFind tickets
44Houston → New YorkFind tickets
45Houston → GuadalajaraFind tickets
46Houston → Guatemala CityFind tickets
47Houston → Los AngelesFind tickets
48Houston → Mexico CityFind tickets
49Houston → ChicagoFind tickets
50New York → Panama CityFind tickets
51Las Vegas → Los AngelesFind tickets
52Las Vegas → PittsburghFind tickets
53Los Angeles → New YorkFind tickets
54Los Angeles → Panama CityFind tickets
55Los Angeles → VancouverFind tickets
56New York → CharlotteFind tickets
57New York → HoustonFind tickets
58New York → TorontoFind tickets
59Mayaguez → San JuanFind tickets
60Orlando → New YorkFind tickets
61Mexico City → CharlotteFind tickets
62Mexico City → DallasFind tickets
63Mexico City → HoustonFind tickets
64Mexico City → San FranciscoFind tickets
65Mexico City → TorontoFind tickets
66Miami → Guatemala CityFind tickets
67Miami → HoustonFind tickets
68Miami → Mexico CityFind tickets
69Miami → MeridaFind tickets
70Tokyo → SeattleFind tickets
71Chicago → CancunFind tickets
72Chicago → HoustonFind tickets
73Chicago → MiamiFind tickets
74Chicago → San FranciscoFind tickets
75Chicago → TorontoFind tickets
76Philadelphia → CancunFind tickets
77Philadelphia → MontrealFind tickets
78Phoenix → CharlotteFind tickets
79Phoenix → DallasFind tickets
80Phoenix → HoustonFind tickets
81Phoenix → ChicagoFind tickets
82Palm Springs → San FranciscoFind tickets
83Panama City → WashingtonFind tickets
84Panama City → New YorkFind tickets
85Panama City → MedellinFind tickets
86Puerto Vallarta → DallasFind tickets
87Puerto Vallarta → PhoenixFind tickets
88Raleigh/Durham → San FranciscoFind tickets
89Reno → DallasFind tickets
90San Francisco → BaltimoreFind tickets
91San Francisco → SeoulFind tickets
92San Francisco → ChicagoFind tickets
93San Francisco → SingaporeFind tickets
94Sydney → Los AngelesFind tickets
95Montreal → CharlotteFind tickets
96Montreal → New YorkFind tickets
97Montreal → MiamiFind tickets
98Toronto → CharlotteFind tickets
99Toronto → DallasFind tickets
100Toronto → ChicagoFind tickets

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