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Airline «MAYAir»
IATA Code: 7M
Country: Mexico
Hub Airports: Cancun International
Founded: 1994
Fleet: Cessna 402, Dornier 228, Fokker 50
Phone: +52 998 881 94 13
Headquarters: Av. de los Colegios #37 por Av. Bonfil, Calle de acceso (L28), Sm 309 Mz 16 Lt 37, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Airline\'s popular flights MAYAir

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1Bangkok → SihanoukvilleFind tickets
2Bangkok → Phnom PenhFind tickets
3Chengdu → Phnom PenhFind tickets
4Fortaleza → Juazeiro Do NorteFind tickets
5Fortaleza → JericoacoaraFind tickets
6Fortaleza → Find tickets
7Fortaleza → TeresinaFind tickets
8Hong Kong → Phnom PenhFind tickets
9 → ManausFind tickets
10Juazeiro Do Norte → FortalezaFind tickets
11Juazeiro Do Norte → JericoacoaraFind tickets
12Jericoacoara → FortalezaFind tickets
13Jericoacoara → Juazeiro Do NorteFind tickets
14Sihanoukville → BangkokFind tickets
15Sihanoukville → Phnom PenhFind tickets
16Manaus → Find tickets
17Manaus → Find tickets
18Manaus → TefeFind tickets
19 → FortalezaFind tickets
20 → TeresinaFind tickets
21 → ManausFind tickets
22Phnom Penh → BangkokFind tickets
23Phnom Penh → ChengduFind tickets
24Phnom Penh → Hong KongFind tickets
25Phnom Penh → SihanoukvilleFind tickets
26Phnom Penh → Koh SamuiFind tickets
27Siem Reap → Phnom PenhFind tickets
28Tefe → ManausFind tickets
29Teresina → FortalezaFind tickets
30Teresina → Juazeiro Do NorteFind tickets
31Teresina → JericoacoaraFind tickets
32Teresina → Find tickets
33Koh Samui → Phnom PenhFind tickets

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