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Airline «Provincial Airlines»
Country: Canada
Hub Airports: St John’s International, Goose Bay
Founded: 1980
Fleet: Bombardier Dash 8 Q300, Bombardier Dash 8-100/200, DHC-6 Twin Otter
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +1 800 563 28 00, +1 709 576 18 87
Headquarters: St. John’s International Airport RCAF Road, Hangar #4 P.O. Box 29030 St. John’s, NL Canada
The official website of «Provincial Airlines»:

Airline\'s popular flights Provincial Airlines

PlaceDirectionFind tickets
1St AnthonyBlanc SablonFind tickets
2St AnthonySt. John'sFind tickets
3Blanc SablonSt AnthonyFind tickets
4Blanc SablonGoose BayFind tickets
5Deer LakeFrederictonFind tickets
6Deer LakeHalifaxFind tickets
7Deer LakeOttawaFind tickets
8Deer LakeMonctonFind tickets
9Deer LakeWabushFind tickets
10Deer LakeGoose BayFind tickets
11Deer LakeSt. John'sFind tickets
12Deer LakeMont JoliFind tickets
13NainGoose BayFind tickets
14FrederictonDeer LakeFind tickets
15FrederictonOttawaFind tickets
16FrederictonMonctonFind tickets
17FrederictonSt. John'sFind tickets
18GaspeIles De La MadeleineFind tickets
19GaspeQuebecFind tickets
20GaspeMontrealFind tickets
21Iles De La MadeleineGaspeFind tickets
22Iles De La MadeleineQuebecFind tickets
23Iles De La MadeleineMontrealFind tickets
24HalifaxDeer LakeFind tickets
25HalifaxMonctonFind tickets
26HalifaxWabushFind tickets
27HalifaxSt. John'sFind tickets
28NatuashishGoose BayFind tickets
29OttawaDeer LakeFind tickets
30OttawaFrederictonFind tickets
31OttawaMonctonFind tickets
32OttawaSt. John'sFind tickets
33QuebecGaspeFind tickets
34QuebecIles De La MadeleineFind tickets
35QuebecMontrealFind tickets
36QuebecWabushFind tickets
37QuebecMont JoliFind tickets
38QuebecSept-IlesFind tickets
39MonctonDeer LakeFind tickets
40MonctonFrederictonFind tickets
41MonctonHalifaxFind tickets
42MonctonOttawaFind tickets
43MonctonWabushFind tickets
44MonctonSt. John'sFind tickets
45MonctonMont JoliFind tickets
46GanderWabushFind tickets
47GanderGoose BayFind tickets
48GanderSt. John'sFind tickets
49MontrealGaspeFind tickets
50MontrealIles De La MadeleineFind tickets
51MontrealQuebecFind tickets
52MontrealVal D'OrFind tickets
53MontrealWabushFind tickets
54MontrealMont JoliFind tickets
55MontrealSept-IlesFind tickets
56Val D'OrMontrealFind tickets
57WabushDeer LakeFind tickets
58WabushHalifaxFind tickets
59WabushQuebecFind tickets
60WabushMonctonFind tickets
61WabushGanderFind tickets
62WabushMontrealFind tickets
63WabushGoose BayFind tickets
64WabushSt. John'sFind tickets
65WabushMont JoliFind tickets
66WabushSept-IlesFind tickets
67WabushChurchill FallsFind tickets
68Goose BayBlanc SablonFind tickets
69Goose BayDeer LakeFind tickets
70Goose BayNainFind tickets
71Goose BayNatuashishFind tickets
72Goose BayGanderFind tickets
73Goose BayRigoletFind tickets
74Goose BayWabushFind tickets
75Goose BaySt. John'sFind tickets
76Goose BayChurchill FallsFind tickets
77St. John'sSt AnthonyFind tickets
78St. John'sBlanc SablonFind tickets
79St. John'sDeer LakeFind tickets
80St. John'sFrederictonFind tickets
81St. John'sHalifaxFind tickets
82St. John'sOttawaFind tickets
83St. John'sMonctonFind tickets
84St. John'sGanderFind tickets
85St. John'sWabushFind tickets
86St. John'sGoose BayFind tickets
87St. John'sMont JoliFind tickets
88Mont JoliDeer LakeFind tickets
89Mont JoliQuebecFind tickets
90Mont JoliMonctonFind tickets
91Mont JoliMontrealFind tickets
92Mont JoliWabushFind tickets
93Mont JoliSt. John'sFind tickets
94Mont JoliSept-IlesFind tickets
95Sept-IlesQuebecFind tickets
96Sept-IlesMontrealFind tickets
97Sept-IlesWabushFind tickets
98Sept-IlesMont JoliFind tickets
99Churchill FallsWabushFind tickets
100Churchill FallsGoose BayFind tickets

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